• Competition will run from 20th April – 31st July 2024
  • $300 boat entry fee must be paid prior to fishing via online.
  • All entry fees will be accumulated and held by HBSFC.
  • The combine entry fee of $300 per boat - split 50/50 between tagged Broadbill and Bluefin.
  • Tagged Broadbill starts off at $1,200 thanks to Gun City + Fishing (tagged is a drawn prize out of hat)
  • 1st place heaviest Broadbill - $1,500 thanks to Gun City + Fishing 
  • 1st place heaviest Bluefin $500 thanks to Guns & Tackle Hunting and Fishing
  • Tagged Bluefin starts off at $500 thanks to Guns & Tackle Hunting and Fishing (tagged is a drawn prize out of hat) 
  • All Fish must be caught with rod and reel and from a boat within club boundaries i.e 38”50”50 to the north 40”40”00 to the south.
  • IGFA and NZSFC rules and equipment regulations apply.
  • Photos of the fish with the tag in it and catch cards must be present to the HBFSC.
  • Boats may launch from anywhere in Hawke’s Bay. Any boat that wishes to weigh a fish must return via Napier lnner Harbour and have their fish weighed by a HBSFC weigh master.
  • All skippers, crew members and boat owners participate at their own risk.
  •  Guns and tackle hunting and Fishing are popping in $500 for the heaviest bluefin and $500 to start the tagged section off. 

Event Calendar

Open Day

7th October

2nd Top Boat

4th November

2day Open Comp

2nd and 3rd December

Ladies Day

13th January

2024 Hakwe's Bay Megafish

31st Jan - 3rd Feb

Twilight Top Boat Comp

16th Feb

Nationals  nzsfc dates

Port Classic Open 2 day Comp   

9th and 10th March

Youth Nationals including HBSFC 2 day kids Open Comp  

nzsfc dates

Closing Day, last Top Boat Comp

11th may

Please not if the comp is on a Saturday the postponment date will be the Sunday after.

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